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Every morning there are five things that I do that help set my day up for success. (And by EVERY morning, I mean MOST mornings because we can’t be perfect all the time, right?)

It wasn’t too long ago that I would wake up with my daughter at 5am, trudge down the stairs grumbling about how she wakes up too early. Frustrated, I would start the coffee, get her something to snack on, and pop in a movie. My day should not be starting yet, but here I was awake.

I HAD to do something about it. It was causing our entire day to be ruined just because I wasn’t ready to start my day.

I extensively searched Google for how to get my kid to sleep later, but we had already tried everything. So, I decided this was just going to be the way it was. HOWEVER, we were going to start changing some things up.

Enter the Okay to Wake clock. It’s an amazing alarm clock that turns green when it’s okay for your child to wake up. In our case, it turns green when she is allowed to leave the room.

I had to work with her to be able to stay in her room until 6am. So, we started by setting the alarm for the time she woke up. Most days it was 5am. We then changed it by 10 minute increments every week. It hasn’t solved all our problems, like getting her to sleep later, but she’s at least contained until a semi-reasonable hour. 😉

I tell you this about my daughter because in order for me to ensure my routine and morning time is followed, she has to be in her room.

5 Ways I Set Myself up for Success Each Morning

1. Wake before my kids. What? My kid wakes up as early as 5 sometimes… but that’s why I got her the clock. This tip is my NUMBER 1 answer as to how I am productive with running two businesses, a household, and two kiddos with me. Since my girl is in her room, I wake up when I hear her. )Technically it’s not waking BEFORE her, but I still get up to an hour by myself.) I set an alarm for 5:15 and get up anyway, on the off days that she sleeps in.

The reason I started implementing this each morning was because I missed waking up on my own terms. Getting my coffee. Watching my shows from the night before. Or sometimes even crafting. Since I have responsibilities, my “terms” have changed, but the need to do it on my own time is still there. Waking before 6 helps with that.

2. Drink my lemon water. You may have heard about lemon and apple cider vinegar water. A super sweet friend of mine, Shelly Robinson over at, suggested drinking a cup of warm water in the morning with lemon juice in it. You guys! This has changed my LIFE! Not only is it getting water in my body right after a night of not drinking any, but the health benefits from the lemons are amazeballs! For a twist you can add ACV and some Stevia to cancel out the bitterness.

3. Change out the laundry and dishes. Every night, I load the dishwasher and start it. I also have a load of laundry that goes in the dryer. In the morning I unload the dishwasher and fold the clean clothes. If it’s a linen day, I will also throw in my sheets first thing in the morning.

Laundry and dishes are the two things that I just can’t get behind on or else we have no clean clothes or dishes. It gets too overwhelming to do fifteen loads of laundry and such. So, if I do a little each day, plugged into my routine, then I find I am able to keep the rest of the house clean, as well.

4. Read and journal. I don’t have many moments during the day where I can read my bible or a fun book. I also don’t have a lot of time to journal and get out my thoughts, feelings, or to-dos. I find that if I can spend 10-20 minutes each morning writing and reading, my anxiety is reduced or even gone! I use an app called First 5 to get a verse in and then I will brain dump and write what I am grateful for the rest of the time.

5. Get dressed. Ya’ll. I am not one to get dressed in fancy clothes every day. I like my leggings or pajama bottoms like the rest of the world. However, put on some new ones! Comb your hair, brush your teeth, and put on some mascara. You will find that if you sit in the clothes that you have been wearing three days straight you are just going to be sad and feel sorry for yourself.

It is up to YOU to do what you need to set yourself up for success. When you look put together, you feel more put together, and you end up BEING more put together. Amazing!


It all seems simple, right?! Eh… It took me a while before I was able to realize that doing this was going to be amazing for my motivation and productivity. Gone are the days (most of the time) where I feel frazzled from the moment I wake up. I have those few precious moments to myself again. I am able to sit in the dark and think if I want.

One thing that I have heard from almost all my mama friends is that they just wish they had more time to themselves. Well, here you go! Even if you can’t get up an hour early, try 10 minutes. I bet you will be blown away with how much better your attitude is.

What’s your morning routine like? Don’t have one? Tell us that too!!

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