Hey Beautiful Mama!

Do you find yourself longing to go to work just to get five minutes in a bathroom alone?

Do you look in the mirror and not recognize yourself? This person you have become?

Do you feel like if you have to pick up one more toy or wash one more load of laundry, you might explode?

Are you tired of doing #allthethings for #allthepeople and not doing anything for yourself?

Do you wonder why you are so unhappy when staying home with your sweet babes is all you ever wanted?

Mama, I so get you!! I WAS you!

Not so long ago, I was crying into my piles of laundry and wondering if I had made the biggest mistake of my life. It was horrible. Let me help you!

You might be a good fit for the Find Your Mommy Mojo Intensive if you want:

• To feel empowered and inspired as a stay-at-home mom
• To have a system in place so you can run your day instead of letting your day run you
• To choose and cultivate joy in your days
• To let go of what you THINK you should be doing with your days and find what sets your soul on fire
• Someone to be honest with you and help you get past that overwhelm that is stay-at-home motherhood
• Someone to hold you accountable in the midst of all the distractions of the day

What is the Find Your Mommy Mojo Intensive?
• (1) One hour call
• One week after unlimited email/Voxer support
• During our call we will work on what YOU need support with
• 15-minute complimentary call to discuss what support is needed so we can get right to work
• Possible topics: making mom friends, self-care, schedules, meal planning, guilt, loneliness, resentment, date night topics, etc.
• After our time together you will be on your way to THRIVING in your house
All of this for just $97!

Does this sound like what you need? Click the link below to schedule a free 15-minute call to see if we’re the right match!

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Not ready to work directly with me yet, but find you need a little help resetting your mind and days?
Check out the Mommy Reset Challenge!